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Humble, Caring, Poet and a self-trained passionate writer. In childhood when the audience got busy chilling with samosas during the interval of a film, he got lost in some unforgettable ad moments on the big screen. His childhood curiosity led him to an education that would give him the address of life.

Starting as an assistant director and working with award-winning ad filmmaker - Amit Sharma; he explored the realm of cinema working under many known ad film-makers in the Industry like Debakar Banerjee & many others which allowed him to work on many leading brands of the country.

Having spent a decade honing the craft and carving out a niche with a ‘no looking back attitude’ makes him what he is. His Debut short film ‘Rubaru Zindagi Hai’ appreciated by many industry experts.

His belief and confidence has taken him to places with a readiness to accept more challenges in future. His strategy, planning and creative imagination allow him to give a new sense to AdSense Pictures.

Amit Amit believes in the power of stories. Whether factual or fictitious, written or recounted, traditional or experimental - He believes stories grounded in truth and told with authenticity will always be the most compelling way to communicate an idea. He has told stories under various guises (filmmaker - director, writer, creative director) and in various forms (advertising, branded content, film, editorial).

He has around 20 years of cumulative experience through design, branding and advertising leading to the film world. Having worked at creative agencies gave him a holistic perspective on understanding the advertising brief and a client's needs.

In his advertising experience he has worked for brands like Revlon, Times of India, Radio Mirchi, Blender's Pride, ITC and partnered on projects with agencies like Lowe; along with other creative hot shops and production houses making films.

He loves to create visually enticing works. He prefers black coffee over milk tea, real conversation over small talk, and is always torn between his love for the oceans vs. the mountains. Yet he can also be enthusiastic about a spicy tea, a silly story or a splendid hike/dive. Despite an inwardly drawn reputation, he does have a sense of humor. He loves to read. Freedom lures him to continuously open to all that comes his way.